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Smile Country Dental Reviews
2016 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA 94559
4.6 / 5
based upon 107 reviews.
1.5 / 5 Yelp 1.5 Stars
based upon 6 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 5 reviews.
Posted On: 08/10/2022 Very friendly and helpful staff! The doctor is very good! And all of my appointments have been on time! Tammy M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/19/2022 My appointment that was booked for over 2 months was cancelled 2 days prior due to a Doctor's medical issue. That's understandable. Next appointment an additional 2 weeks later. No problem. However, for first appointment they only will do X-rays and examination and won't book a cleaning appointment until after this examination because of 'policy' and 'we won't know until we see your teeth how much build up you have..' What? I pressed to go ahead and book a 'longer cleaning session just in case' just to get my appointment locked down, but they weren't able to do that because 'we are really booked out on our dental hygienist.' If this information would have been forthcoming when I booked 2 months ago I would have gone to another provider. They are seemingly over-extended. Ryan C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/02/2022 Smile Country was great! I really appreciated the kind & compassionate care I received. Also, the Dental Assistant was super helpful in explaining things thoroughly so I understood. Very happy to have found them. Jennifer H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/01/2022 Cynthia was great! She explained everything for me, so that I may better understand what’s going on. Lovina A website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/24/2022 Broke Boyzz M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/12/2022 Great customer service. Everyone is very kind and attentive. Anna C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/10/2022 Judith G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/12/2022 I am so happy with this dental office! Everyone is super nice and kind. I had some anxiety and the dentist and assistant were very comforting. I have TMJ and they were very considerate to this while working on me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Sharon R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/12/2022 Yelp 1 Stars Terrible! It took about 2 months to get an appointment as a new patient. I specifically said that I needed a routine exam and cleaning. They scheduled me... Andrea V website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 04/07/2022 The dental assistant and doctor were super nice setting me up as a first time patient. Ashley T website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/07/2022 Great customer service. Cynthia the x-ray tech was very helpful. The Dr. Was amazing never had a Dr. Actually show me and In detail what I had with my teeth ! Jose T website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/06/2022 Smile Country Dental was an amazing and refreshing experience and that is coming from an individual who can't stand going to them dentist... Super friendly and attenive staff, they where prompt with their schedualing and offered an online pre-appointment paperwork fill-out option which helped them keep their busy office optimised and in turn help me by making the initial appointmen/ X-rays' quick and painless ( no pun intended...)!! Thank you to Cynthia who actually saved my life and put herself in harms way... You know what you did so I won't put you in on blast on the '.WWW.'
Falon L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/30/2022 Extremely Friendly and Helpful Staff! I felt welcomed and comfortable the entire time I had my appointment and would highly recommend this place to everyone who loves a positive and happy office. Jay E website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/23/2022 Gabriela L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/10/2022 Super friendly staff! Cindy was such a sweet heart and made the experience welcoming. Jeanette V website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/09/2022 Deanna M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/03/2022 Heather K website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/02/2022 Stellar care!! Soon as you enter, eveything is attuned to connecting with children and making them feel comfortable. The staff are well trained at connecting with kids. My 3 yr old is very wary of strangers, but in her first visit Dr. Michael, Rosie, Stephanie, and others made her feel right at home. It was a great visit! Robert H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/23/2022 Great place very friendly staff and the service is great AZURE website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/02/2022 The experience was phenomenal. Not only was I taken care of adequately, but they also provide detailed explanations as to what was being done and why it was being done. They went to answer any question I had, thoroughly. I was treated respectfully and I truly appreciate the staff 👍🏽 Ariana G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/24/2022 Smile dental has really nice staff, wait time is reasonable, and I like how they have bilingual staff. Francisca D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/28/2021 Emily V website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/07/2021 (Translated by Google) Excellent service from all the staff.
Attention in Spanish.

Excelente servicio por parte de todo el staff.
Atención en español.
PAOLA M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/07/2021 Gerel P website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/22/2021 I am pleased!!! I have tried many different dentists in town depending on what insurance I had at the time. So many of them had tried to tell me there was something wrong with my teeth when it wasn't the case (upselling tactic). Today, Dr. Rami did not try to upsell me. I trust him, as I am in my 50's, never had a cavity in my life and take good care of my teeth.
Sylvia, the office manager at the front desk, was professional and knowledgeable and Evelyn, the x-ray technician, was friendly and happy to be alive.
I finally found an honest dentist! Thank you.
Christina W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/01/2021 Great friendly staff. 👍 👏 Briana B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/14/2021 Dr. Luque was really nice and explained everything he was doing to me. He also put vitamins on my teeth, which tasted like a pleasant mint flavor. Overall, a great place to go. Nat website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/07/2021 This was my first visit to Smile Country Dental. Everyone was very friendly, especially Dr Luque. It was a low stress visit. Nice! Nancy M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 09/16/2021 This was my first time coming to a dentist that really cared and was gentle and always asked me if i was find and if i needed anything I've been to several dentist and they have never made feel excited to see the dentist and if i have any questions they always have a nice and well explained answers it's just so nice to have nice people that love there job and are very good at doing it.
Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome:)
Jasmine C
Posted On: 09/09/2021 Charlotte B website Logo Google Review
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Thank you so much. I avoid the dentist at all cost. Everyone made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. I will definitely be returning. Very friendly and experienced staff. Everyone there are very caring and gentle with fast appointment scheduling. I have been to many bad dentists before. I'm so glad I found this place! They also have a discount program if you have no dental insurance! I've already referred 3 people who will be making appointments, I believe one is there as we speak! It was actually FUN going to the dentist! I had no anxiety, no pain, and no problems! Best experience with DDS ever! I had a broken tooth requiring a crown. The process took two appointments - the first appointment I was fitted with a temp crown, the second appt the temp crown was replaced with a permanent. Both appts were great, the dentist and tech were super. My orthodontist is special. She conducts herself with charm and friendliness that are such reassuring traits helping me relax and be fully comfortable in her care. I trust her professional knowledge and skills without reservation. I am so very pleased that she is my orthodontist.