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Smile Country Dental Reviews
2016 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA 94559
4.5 / 5
based upon 139 reviews.
2.5 / 5 Yelp 2.5 Stars
based upon 13 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 5 reviews.
Posted On: 07/20/2021 great service, everyone so courteous Gerardo C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/08/2021 养生健康 website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/19/2021 Staff is very friendly and helpful. Michelle G
Posted On: 04/28/2021 Everyone was super nice . I loved how my visit was very detailed and explained that way I know exactly what’s to do next. They were al so helpful and want to help you out Felicia F website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/27/2021 Dr. Luque is one of the most knowledgeable dentists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is also kind, and has very gentle hands, which is appreciated by everyone! One of her best qualities is that she is a very good listener, and gives you the time you need to come to a decision about your dental work. I highly recommend Dr. Luque and Smiles Country Dental. The entire staff is exceptional, from the front desk to Ron who assists the dentists and always has a great smile on his face. You make visiting the dentist a pleasure. Christine S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/20/2021 Alfonso B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/15/2021 Recently I had my first appointment at Smile Country Dental, and I am glad I did.

Everyone that I interacted with in the practice was friendly kind and professional.

My initial contact was Brenda via phone who scheduled my first appointment and helped me deal with my insurance questions. After my appointment, Brenda prepared a prioritized detailed list of the treatments I needed along with my out-of-pocket costs and gave me information for 2 referrals that take my insurance.

My second point of contact was Cynthia who kept me relaxed as she took 20 x-rays of my teeth. She did a great job, because I gag easily, and she was patient with me.

After my x-rays were complete Dr. Lugue came in and let me explain all of my numerous issues that I have noticed with my long-neglected teeth. I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Luque took the time to listen to me. After I had spoke my peace, Dr Luque went tooth by tooth and let me know their condition and explained what needed to be done. I can’t remember when I have had a more thorough dental examination and condition report.

My last point of contact was Sylvia who I spoke to via phone regarding some follow up questions I had. Like everyone I have dealt with in the practice she was friendly, professional and helpful.

I need to have a lot of work done to my teeth and I wish things were different. I don’t like spending time sitting in a dental chair, no offense Smile Country Dental, but I am putting my trust in them to get the job done.

I am a 59-year man and I have seen my share of dental offices. This was my first visit, and my first impression was that I liked the office and the people.
Roger F website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/14/2021 I like everything about this place .I like the dentist very much !she takes her time and explains everything.. front office is good -
hygienist is fantastic. easy parking
M. R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/12/2021 Great staff and service! The ladies up front were clear and concise when explaining my treatment. When I came in for treatment I was seen rather quickly and was treated with care and respect! Dominic D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/12/2021 Don't go there.They lied when I first called them to see if they accept Liberty Ins and they said YES...two months later they say no they are not accepting Liberty and I need to find a place out of town.
They did the same thing to my husband ....they now want him to pay for his filling AFTER they had already told him yes they accept Liberty.

I would give 0 stars if I could...they do not deserve even 1
TESTFORT N website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/07/2021 This was my first time at the dentist office and it was an amazing experience. They made it nice and easy and super friendly and described to me everything they were doing and went over each tooth! I’m so excited they are my dentist! Meagan P website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/07/2021 Xavier B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/02/2021 Jonaline K website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/26/2021 Larry S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/25/2021 Dr. Luque is exceptional and I highly recommend her. She is professional, gentle and compassionate. I'm so thankful to have found her for our family's dental needs. The entire office staff is very warm, welcoming and personable. Jennifer L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/24/2021 The young ladies in the front office were knowledgeable about costs , insurance and payment plans. They were friendly and respectful. Carol, the hygienist who did my deep cleaning was superb and very conscious to my aversion to pain. Dr. Liqueur is a skilled and compassionate dentist. She works with the intention of getting a good job done. I never had to wait any time at all for my appointment. I would highly recommend this dentist. Jeanie P website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/24/2021 Very attentive and always professional. Personable experience delivered in a fast paced environment. Anna S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/22/2021 Everyone is so pleasant and professional. Elaine C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/04/2021 Excellent Services! Dr. Luque and her team have been very helpful during my visits. I highly recommend Smile Country Dental. Ivan G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/23/2021 Dr. Angela Luque is a fantastic dentist with an easygoing, friendly personality and a wonderful bedside manner with patients. During my first visit, she not only analyzed x-rays and examined the condition of my existing fillings, but she also went above and beyond by patiently checking the pockets in my gums and helping with the insurance authorization. Unlike my prior dentists, she actually used enough anesthetic so that I didn’t feel even the slightest sensitivity as she replaced several large, cracked fillings! All in all, Dr. Luque and her dental assistant are both highly competent, caring people, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend their office to anyone! Adelia G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/12/2021 Melissa C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/03/2021 My elderly mother had the appointment and was very happy with the friendly staff and dentists. The wait times were short which was also much appreciated. There was a broken tooth, where an attempt was made to fill the gap for a better appearance, but it fell off while she was eating. The next day we came into the office and were told it was only an attempt to make the tooth look better. Two days later a temporary crown came off while she was eating as well which was upsetting for her and her upper roght hand side is having gum pain. She is waiting for her next appointment to remedy the situation. John D H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/11/2020 The best experience I have ever had at a dental office. I was treated so well and my nervousness was completely gone. Madison M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 02/21/2020 FIVE STARTS ALL THE WAY! Highly recommend this office! Had my wisdom pulled yesterday, Once I arrived I was greeted by front office staff Juanita who helped me with check quick and easy, I was so nervous and worried like c'mon who really like's getting their teeth pulled? As soon I get taken to the back I was greeted by Devon who made me feel right at home at this point I wasn't so nervous anymore! Then came Dr.Osmolinski who was Amazing ! The process was over within 5 minuets of actually getting the teeth out I didn't feel a thing!! and I feel completely fine the next day. Thank you guys at Smile Country Dental for that great experience! P. F website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 08/12/2019 Awful service! I had been a patient since Coast Dental. Once they changed ownership they would not honor the warrenty. They offered me a 20 percent discount on dental work that should have been covered under warrenty. Very bad customer service. Topaz H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/30/2019 I recently needed dental work and I am terrified of the dentist. I met with Dr. Murthy and she saw how terrified are I was. She very quickly calmed me down and told me that she would not hurt me. I had a major procedure and she did NOT hurt me! I have several more appointments with her and I am not so terrified. I hope she stays with this practice for a very long time. Dr. Murthy is a DANDY for sure and trust is everything. Janice D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/20/2019 I have left 9 voicemail concerning my dental work and getting my Dentures completed and have never got a return call , this place has changed name 3 times in last year , the staff needs to change , not the name ! Curtis M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/21/2019 Dr. Chris H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/14/2018 Yan K website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 08/28/2018 I set up an appointment with them and after 15 minutes in the waiting room the receptionist informed me that the hygienist was MIA, and asked if they could reschedule. Considering how difficult it can be to schedule dentist appointments when you have a full time job I don't recommend this place. NA L website Logo Google Review
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Thank you so much. I avoid the dentist at all cost. Everyone made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. I will definitely be returning. Very friendly and experienced staff. Everyone there are very caring and gentle with fast appointment scheduling. I have been to many bad dentists before. I'm so glad I found this place! They also have a discount program if you have no dental insurance! I've already referred 3 people who will be making appointments, I believe one is there as we speak! It was actually FUN going to the dentist! I had no anxiety, no pain, and no problems! Best experience with DDS ever! I had a broken tooth requiring a crown. The process took two appointments - the first appointment I was fitted with a temp crown, the second appt the temp crown was replaced with a permanent. Both appts were great, the dentist and tech were super. My orthodontist is special. She conducts herself with charm and friendliness that are such reassuring traits helping me relax and be fully comfortable in her care. I trust her professional knowledge and skills without reservation. I am so very pleased that she is my orthodontist.