Tooth ankylosis is one of the various problems in dentistry and requires special treatment approaches for satisfactory results.


Are you concerned about ankylosis, a condition where teeth become fused to the bone, inhibiting their normal movement as the jaws grow? Smile Country Dental excels at pediatric dentistry and can provide the expert care your child needs.

Ankylosis can occur in both primary and permanent teeth, affecting any tooth in the mouth. However, it is more commonly observed in primary first molars and teeth that have experienced trauma, particularly the incisors. The severity of ankylosis, often indicated by how "sunken into the gums" a tooth appears, can vary. Early onset of ankylosis tends to result in more severe cases as the child ages.

Effective treatment for ankylosis depends on the degree of severity. At Smile Country Dental, our experienced dentists will thoroughly evaluate your child's condition and discuss the appropriate treatment options. Factors such as the timing of the condition's onset and its impact on the surrounding structures will be taken into consideration.

If you have concerns about ankylosis or require professional advice regarding your child's dental condition, don't hesitate to contact Smile Country Dental. Our Napa and Santa Rosa offices are ready to provide the specialized care your child deserves. Schedule a consultation today to explore the best treatment approach for your child's ankylosis.

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