Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Did you know the most common desire for improving your smile is to have whiter teeth? At Smile Country Dental in Santa Rosa or Napa, California, Dr. Lofti, Dr. Lawrence, and our professional dental team have the expertise to whiten your teeth and keep them that way. 

Causes of teeth discoloration

Several factors can cause your teeth to lose their whiteness, including:

Food and drink

Coffee, tea, and red wine can easily stain your teeth. Dark sauces and foods like chocolate and berries can also darken your teeth or turn them yellow.


Tobacco products stain your teeth because the tar in them is dark and when nicotine mixes with oxygen, it turns yellow, which can stay on the surface of your teeth.


Certain medications can take a toll on the color of your teeth. Talk to our team about which ones you take that might cause this issue.


Your teeth have a soft, yellow-like substance underneath your teeth’s white shell called dentin. As you get older, your outer layer starts to thin out, exposing more of the dentin.


If you experience an injury to your mouth, your teeth might react by producing a darker layer of dentin under your enamel.

Side effects of teeth whitening

During your teeth whitening procedure with our team, we target the porous enamel of your teeth with a high grade, professional bleaching agent in the form of a gel. 

In some cases, bleaching your teeth can cause minor side effects, including:

Irritated gums

If the bleach gets on your gums, you might notice some temporary swelling or inflammation. During your professional treatment with our team, we take extra precautions to protect your gum tissue by using a protective gel that shields it.

Sensitive teeth

The ingredients in the teeth whitening gel can cause the pulp in your teeth to swell, which can cause sensitivity, but it doesn’t last long. You can reduce the sensitivity by using special kinds of toothpaste for sensitive teeth, or if you’re whitening them at home, then try wearing your trays for a shorter period of time.

Affected dental restorations

Different materials are used for dental restorations, which determines how they’re affected. When we examine your teeth, we work with you to give you the best option.

Options for lifetime teeth whitening

We have a Whitening for Life Program that offers you a set of upper and lower trays for free that you get with your starter kit. You also receive a free whitening gel with each exam and a new set of trays every two years. 

To schedule your professional teeth whitening with our practice, contact us today by calling your preferred location in Santa Rosa or Napa, or book your appointment online. You can also send our team a message with any questions.

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